Jungle Boudoir

And all those plants will aid in keeping the air in your room a better quality… Winner!! 🙂

Just over a year ago my family and I moved from the only house I knew from age 2, it was a quite a big change, we moved further into the countryside. My inner sceptic was concerned but I was SO wrong! I love where we live now and I can drive so it’s not like I’m stuck in some fields with nowhere to go.

My new room was a chance to start fresh and to start collecting as many house plants as possible! So, for those who would just like a nosey at my room or you are a house plant enthusiast like myself, you may enjoy this.

My first house plant was a gift from Lew’s mum and after a few months of keeping it alive, it’s cacti so not an amazing feat, I decided to grow my collection a little more.

I now have 2 gorg…

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It is national PIZZA day!

The Cauliflower pizza was a shocker…Soooo tasty!!!
All that was missing…. Your Brownies to round it off 🙂 X

I don’t know if you have guessed from the title but today is National pizza day in the UK! There could not be a better food I’d rather dedicate a day to than pizza! I LOVE it! Granted I’m kind of fussy with pizza toppings, I don’t really like meat on pizza at all and that’s not due to being a veggie. I just find meat on pizza a bit weird! And yes, I like pineapple on my pizza, but let’s not get into that now! Now give me a vegetarian supreme pizza with all of the possible toppings and I’ll finish that no problem! And dough balls, oh my GOD, how I love dough balls!

Due to this wondrous day, I decided to get my chef on and make some pizza dough from scratch with the help of my not so little sous chef: Darcie-Mai and chef de partie:…

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